We often hear it: the status of auto-entrepreneur worries a bit. Especially when you are a student and this is not your main activity, it may seem complicated (getting the SIRET number etc.). It is actually quite simple and fast, provided to be well accompanied!

It is a more flexible status than that of employee. It allows you to work legally with us, to choose your missions, and to modulate your commitment according to your student constraints.

In the case of Smartsitting, working with people with this status allowed us to revalue the mission of babysitters, which was often paid less than 10€ / h in Paris.

At Smartsitting, we were the first to set an hourly rate of 15€/h gross for nannies and babysitters. It seemed normal to us for such important work with children. Of these 15 €/h that we pay, you will have to pay about 1.65€ of security contribution to the State. In the end, you'll earn just over 13€/ h with the taxes for the first year.

In summary, why this status?

  • The status of auto-entrepreneur is what allows you to work legally through us for regular or punctual babysittings missions.

  • You are completely free in the choice of your missions, you simply have to respect the operating principles of our platform (the general conditions are available in your space).

  • It's 100% compatible with the status of student or employee and it takes 15 minutes to do.

To be smartsitter, there are two main conditions: having a SIRET number (auto-entrepreneur) and being declared as 'Service Γ  la personne' (SAP). If you also wonder why being an SAP helps the families, click here:

➑️ To find the guide of the auto-entrepreneur status, it's here.

We hope this article helps you see clearly. If you still have questions do not hesitate to write to us at equipe@lesmartsitting.fr

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